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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
BMW's fake sound system just plays a recording of the engine's sound, it's like playing Forza or Gran Turismo and hearing the car's engine sound. Other cars (911, Mustang, etc.) have a physical tube that goes through the sound dampening and allows the engine's actual noise to come through. I haven't heard the new M5 in person yet so I can't comment on how realistic it sounds, but I will say that I hate this idea in principle. I don't have a problem with other cars cutting holes through their sound dampening to let real engine sound come through and I think that's what BMW should have done.

At the end of the day, if BMW wanted the driver to hear more of the engine then why didn't they just make the engine / exhaust louder? My 335is has one of the loudest exhaust systems of any stock BMW (it's definitely way louder than the E90 M3 we used to have and even louder than an M3 with M Performance exhaust) and that's one of my favorite features of my car. I love the way it sounds but if the sound was faked through the speakers it just wouldn't be the same. I don't even understand why they had to fake the M5's sound in the first place, my friend has an X6 M and that thing sounds incredible from inside.
The recording is not a straight recording though. It's been modified to give the type of sound the M Performance engineers want to achieve when the sound is played back with the normal engine noise. The specific frequencies are enhanced depending on rpm and the loudness depends on throttle position. This is how bmw create the great engine sound, removing sound insulation also increases road noise

As new models come out they are having to comply with ever increasing EU legislation on emmissions and noise. BMW, VAG and Merc all have amplified audio engine systems available as do the big Jap manufacturers so expect to see this more in the future.


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