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The first real road registered M car was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 1978. The original M1 as it was known was more of a racecar in domestic trim than an everyday drive.

The direction that BMW took with the M cars changed in 1979 with the release of the M535i, which was a high performance version of BMW’s 5 Series mid-size sedan. They realised that if they were to be profitable they would have to appeal to a wider market and price ranges, hence the later M3 and even later M1.

It is a fact of life that BMW had to incorpoate the 'M' into their mainstream products.
BMW recognised that their 'Motorsport' division allowed them to sell a specialised version of a stock model in additional volumes.

It must be remembered that the first M div road built cars were tuned BMW engines and suspensions so it could be agrued that they have somewhat gone back to their roots here.

I agree, that in recent times there is a softning of the M cars so they appeal to the wealthier people who want fast but still wanted luxury.

In a ironic twist, the M135i in 'basic' trim is what the M Motorsport was at all those years ago. Remember it was M who put the turbo in and tweeked a standard car to make it a everyday car with track credentials.

Perhaps BMW needs a new division for their 'Racing' cars.