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Originally Posted by Brenyaman View Post
Having driven both VW's DSG dual clutch 7x gearbox in a 122CV 1,4l Golf and BMW's torque converter 8x gearbox in my present F20, I must admit that changes are slightly (0,05 seconds) faster in the VW's. However, and this might sound contradictory, the BMW's response to the driver's push on the pedal in quicker. Overall response and gear progression make the BMW's a winner, though.
It's not contradictory, you're absolutely right. All manufacturers have a certain lag built into the software for their shift paddles and it varies between them. Mercedes has a very, very long lag for example while BMWs tend to have much less software lag. There are a number of reasons for this, I know on my 335is I'm glad there is a tiny bit of lag because it lets me double or even triple tap the downshift paddle before the shift actually happens, this way I can go straight from 7th to 4th instead of going through each individual gear.

I mentioned Mercedes specifically because I was looking at an early year C63 which had annoyingly laggy paddles and I found out you can get a transmission tune that reduces the lag. Newer year C63s have much more responsive paddles because they were reprogrammed.