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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
wow... basically, this is the successor to the 1M, and that is saying a lot b/c that was a "true" M car. I am so jealous right now.

I'm curious about this "virtual/open LSD", is it just an ESP/Brake police type mechanism or is there actually an electronic monitor that's measuring slip between the wheels and directing torque appropriately?
This is not the successor to the 1M, this is the successor to the 135is that was just released, but it's even better than the is.

The successor to the 1M will be the M2 coupe.

If the brakes are used to simulate a diff in the same way as they are in the 135i (and I think it's similar if not the same type of system) then I would say it works pretty well. It's no replacement for a real diff, but it's certainly better than having an open diff without using the brakes to transfer torque. Porsche uses the same technology in its 991 and calls it "torque vectoring," the MP4-12c also uses the inside rear brake on cornering, but in that car it actually grabs the brake to help rotate the car on corner entry.

In the 135i, when you get on the throttle in a corner and you lose grip on the inside wheel, the brake is gently applied on that wheel to prevent it from spinning. You barely notice it from the driver's seat, you just notice you can get on the power surprisingly early considering the massive torque of the N55 (or N54) and the open diff. There have been many times where I have planted my foot early in a corner and been surprised at how well the car handles it.