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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
It is because of the segment that the 740i and 640i exist, they are high premium luxury vehicles so they are distinguished by the higher designation for their respective segment.

The 1er and 3er etc are classified as 135i to allow the Premium cars to stand alone and will remain so...
Yeah it is because of the segment in first place, but they also get a slight power upgrade backing up this number upgrade...

But I still think there will be a regular 306ps 235i (coupé and cabrio), so the 320ps ///M Performance versions should be dubbed ///M240i (not ///M235i). By extension, the hatch versions (3 and 5 door) should be called ///M140i and not ///M135i.
Why 40i instad of 35i? Logically, in order to reflect the extra power of the ///M Performance versions. Marketing-wise, in order to justify their more upmarket positioning and pricing, and also because it sounds more solid with a zero at the end and that zero would rhyme with the ///M550d and probably ///M340i. So, ultimately, in order to attract buyers towards the more upmarket versions of the 1er and 2er instead of creating a confusion which would result into them choosing the cheaper versions.

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