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I think many of you are missing the main point here.

Before we had to wait years for BMW to release higher performance variants of standard models, viz E46 330 ZHP, the 335is, etc.

With this new marketing approach, those interested in higher performance variants will be able to get them much earlier in model life history. That is a very, very good thing in my opinion, and counters the strategy of Audi.

I don't much care what you label these models. M - something has an excellent precedent. I come from the days of the 2002tii; adding "i" or "is" never had the same impact as the "M" for good reason.

The only risk that I see here is the dilution of "real" M sales, and a corresponding reduction in R&D. But the overlaps are so seamless in many areas: for example, many of us have installed, you guessed it, all sorts of M3 parts on our E9x 335s. We would have loved to have had the option of spec'ing our cars at the factory this way.

I see this new M strategy as furthering the essence of freude am fahren.