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I disagree, who said M = V8?

Seems like your saying that the 335is engine is not good enough because????The 1M was developed by the M division which makes it an M. Look if they developed a quad turbo 4 cylinder it would still be an M. If your getting at that the lack of a V8 engine doesn't mean M then the M3 didn't always have a V8. So what do you call all previous M cars?

Its about driving dynamics as well as performance. Would it makes sense for BMW to have a V8 1M when the engine from the 335is is a M tuned version and delivers more power than a 335is for such a small car.

I disagree that its just branding or they would have called the 335is an 335M.

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I understand what you mean and it's definitely BMW's way of following Audi's S Line models, but the "M" name is just being used a lot by BMW on their new model lineup nowadays.

It's basically a 135i acquiring the N55 engine from the 335is, so IMHO 135is sounds better.

^^^My point exactly man!^^^

M750iL sounds like a motor oil blend. LOL! Hahahaha.