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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
I don't think the article is right to say this would be equivalent to Audi's S-Line. Isn't the S-Line usually just an appearance treatment, like M Sport?

Whatever the case though, more importantly I think this has real potential to cannibalize M sales for people who want an "M" car (read: the badge) but don't need an actual harder-core track-oriented weapon. I guess that will make the true M cars more exclusive, but it still somehow bums me out. I expect most people won't be able to differentiate between true Ms and these cars considering that the average person can't tell an M car from a normal Series car! Not that anybody would ever buy an M car just for show or anything.
I think they might be referring to moels like the S4, S5 etc. I think Audi's system works better though because the RS badge only appears on top models whereas S models are comparable to 335i etc.

What I want to know is where this new M category will fit in terms of design? Already M-sport/M cars have similarities but you can tell right away true M cars because of the signature quad exhausts, side vents etc. What are these models going to look like? Take the 335is for example. The changes are minimal and thats ok because it was only badged as an "is", but if these new cars are going to have M badges on them are they going to look too similar to true M models? I dunno.