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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
How long have u been a car buyer, as ur comments^ seem a tad near-sighted...?

Americans cannot have an opinion on this 135i, because it is not sold here.. & if it was, BMW would remove the 6-manual, then try to sell it here as a german marketing joke.

Secondly, there of 50 States in the United States + Canada when u say North America. Each State has moAr people in it than Norway. Thus, there are 50x moAr "Americans" discussing BMWs here, than people from ur very small country. Ur comment is moot.

Thirdly, the 1M does not have turbo lag.

Fouth, farmers and home owners use trucks alot. As "Americans" spend moAr of their income on their homes (re-modeling, new kitchen, addition to the house, shrubbury, etc) than any other nation. Thus, a means of transporting those things.

Lastly, you might get alot of looks in Norway, because people can actually SEE THE CAR IN NORWAY....!
The F20 is my first brand new car, but I have been driving second hand cars for 22 years before.

I have been reading comments about F20 in several forums worldwide, and it seems to me like 90 percent of the Americans are negative towards the look of the F20. In UK it gets mixed reviews, while comments from other countries are mostly positive.

I don't believe that the 1M has no turbo lag. I have driven plenty of turbo cars (not the 1M), and they all have a lag. I have read journalists say that even my F20 116i and the 335i do not have turbo lag anymore, but my experience is that the lag is indeed very noticeable.

The F150 comment was meant as a joke, but there is a difference between the general taste in car looks between countries. Hatchbacks are not very popular in USA and China. Special sedan versions are made for these markets.
In Southern Europe, hatchbacks are very popular, while station wagons are very popular in Nordic countries.