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Originally Posted by psykick5 View Post
Maybe they should've just not made the 3 series bigger every damned cycle. They could've just left it at the size of the E30/36...
Well, to some extent, you may have a point there, yet I suspect BMW want a four door sub-compact as well. The 3er is a compact car, but now it's comfortable for front and rear passengers, so I see the point of "growing up" the 3er. Too the 3er fits in the mid-range as goes pricing, but certainly at the upper end of the middle (not including options). This 1/2 thing would let them offer something at the lower end of the middle, whereby one can get a reasonable assortment of options and still come in under $40K, which is rather hard to do with a 3er these days.

The question I have is whether or not this new model will assume the spot the 3er holds for driving prowess, which for me is the reason to buy a 3 and not a 5 or 6 or 7.

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