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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Any idea when it will finally break cover mapezzul? It seems strange that they have yet to even give official press info and "internet reveal".

I am also curious to see if they do a 120i and/or 128i or if they just stick with the 116i, 118i, and 125i for the gasoline lineup.
Unofficially this is coming by June. As for other petrol engines- the 116i and the 118i are using the Prince engine from the MINI line- there is a MINI product that is launching soon that will have an up ticked motor and that is to be also be used for the 1 Series (according to sources).

There is also a detuned version of the N20 that can be used. Is BMW feeling out the market right now- Yes. Are there more variants coming- yes, but the 3 door will be more sporty than the 5 door and the future coupe even sportier (I Hope that gives some perspective and answers your question).

Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
Not the case. But I am glad they did, because that's the only way I'll be spec'ing an M5. And since the USA accounts for about 50% of worldwide ///M sales, why not. Think of it as not 1 country, but half of their production.

The E60 wagon never had success, BMW openly admits to it. The RS6 Avant outsold the E60 M5 wagon by a multiple worldwide, and the new generation would not have been any different. BMW learned it's lesson, stick to what you do best and where your comparative advantage is. I am pretty sure by the time all is said and done in the F10 M5's life, the number of manuals sold in the US will be a lot higher than how many M5 wagons BMW would have sold worldwide, so it was prudent business decision on many levels.
You are correct with the reason for no F11 M5 BUT- Why do people think (original poster that you replied to) that BMW M devoted resources to the development of the manual over the wagon? The wagon was never even considered first off as the E61 was such a failure.

Then think about the market- think about the engineers that market employees, and think about how suppliers dictate much of the landscape as far as pieces of the overall product. Couldn't it be possible that BMWNA paid for the development of the manual (it will have the exclusive to it) and their engineers in cooperation with M tested and fine tuned it as supplied by a supplier. I am sure most have read Dr. N's comments on the manual vs. DCT and given that opinion why would he divert resources? He wouldn't and M employees now over 450 engineers. they have a lot of development ability and are used as a think tank of sorts.

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