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Some pics, sorry not many since I was trying to get done asap

So what I found is that the front splits are heavily attenuated so most of the bass and midrange come from under the seats and the back speakers.

Back speakers are as per the photo - what came out of the front doors I think. I will double check later. From what I am hearing, they are bottoming out and killing the rest of the sound quality. I am going to look for replacements and also add in a simple passive crossover to kill the bass going there.

Just looking online I can see that its impossible to find something with a 3 hole mount, will have to make a spacer or something to get it in there.

But then thats it.

ps. this car was as easy to strip as my polo, and once I plugged everything back in, the only error I had was the time/date.

Saved myself a couple of grand doing this DIY. Just need to order the tweeter pods now, currently just plugged in a set of infinity reference tweeters I had laying about.

Sound quality is not the most amazing, but I think what I am not liking is coming from the standard rears, will decide once those are out.
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