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The BMW APPs (Spotify, Napster, BMW M Laptimer, ect) all stopped working recently in my vehicle and I was going crazy trying to figure out why.

Come to find out that the reason because my ConnectDrive subscription had expired and the APP are all dependent on the vehicle's independent data connection to population, even though it was using my phone data to steam the main function.

Within a few minutes renewing it, everything was back up and running.

So yes, believe it or not, all APP and interface like CarPlay does use the in-vehicle data connection, to a degree. How do think it validates if you have a current CarPlay subscription.
The phone mirrors and streams the content, like a mainframe dumb terminal.

My guess is since your subscription expired the car refused to except the stream from the phone. To do what you're saying would require the car to use the Vehicle Mobile Number which you would have to activate w/your carrier as BMW isn't going to pay for that. Not sure how the ConnectedDrive Digital Services communicate w/the mothership but would think it's not using cellular.

I'm telling you it's dependent on the vehicle's internet connection to populate, not operate.

Yes, after it loads and authenticates, your phone takes over for the main function and it uses your phone's data stream but the initial functions is still dependent on the in-vehicle data connection.

I'm not going to go around in circles, if you doubt me, contact Connectdrive customer service and they'll confirm it.
So BMW stick some additional authentication, wonder if that goes away now AC is free...

Though 20 countries is very odd, I can easily count more than 20 countries that have on par or better wireless infrastructure.

I mean entire Western Europe + East Asia is more than that already