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Originally Posted by amanda89 View Post
My 2012 BMW 116i is doing a bootloop, it's just stuck on the BMW logo, the radio plays, only on one station, as I can't control it anymore, then every few mins it will restart

I don't really know much about cars, but I work in IT, so know about computers

I want to see if at the very least I can just diagnose what the issue is

I was doing some reading online and there is these OBD module and apps that you can read faults from? Am I on the right track? Any ones you would recommend?

I went to a BMW auto elec, not directly affiliated with bmw, he gave me the how long is a piece of string spiel in terms of getting a quote/won't know until he has a look, so I am trying to narrow it down myself, any advice?
Why don't you go beyond the forum introductory thread then? "This is not a foundry worker's hand. If you work with steel, you should be used to the heat." (video)

Search, perhaps? Here you are: