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Originally Posted by ron_jeremy View Post
Well, this debate reminds me of past debates.
Let me take a wild guess, anyone remember the E60?
We came from the classic E39, to the one Bangle created into the E60, people went bananas back then as well.
But what happened, the fresh design of the E60 help up excellent, and meanwhile more conservative designed car's like the A6 recived more applause in the start, by the time it was two years old, it looked ancient, and like any other Audi.
Not so with the E60, who still looks pretty modern, allthough coming as early as 2003

And that was with a much more... seasoned buyer group than the 1'er is.
This is designed for guys/chicks in theyr "teens", and 20-30's i presume.

And like the X1, it has some more creative solutions regarding colour choices and obviosuly design language as well.
Don't get me wrong, i didn't jizz in my pants of these first pics, but after seeing a couple hundred of them, this is my conclusion.
It will be a sucsess, and above all, it will look much better live, and another thing while we're at it- the M package will likely improve it some more!
And be sure, it will find it's buyers, and even more so than the E87 ever did.
Much because of some extra space, the E87 was cramped inside, specially the backseat.
The F20 looks more mature, more premium from inside and outside imo.
Can't wait to see some in Valencia, and better, see this car live.
I'm just reading back through some old posts when the F20 was first unveiled. Everyone was going crazy about how ugly it was and how it would fail and need to be redesigned in a year. Especially the bloody Yanks, going crazy because it wasn't an ugly beast of an 8 cylinder SUV type car... But in the midst of the pile-on of hate there was this guy... First dude to say "it will sell"... and gee has it sold!

So, cheers to you ron_jeremy for having a mind of your own... and nearly 2 years later, I'd just like to point out you were right.