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Originally Posted by b33g33 View Post
Nacho, I know the loaded v stripped is a pet peeve of yours but honestly, the 1M is not a great example. Loaded or stripped, our 1Ms are NOT light cars by any stretch of the imagination.
Great point...and I do have to remind myself not to beat a dead horse. I think both of you misunderstood me. The 1M was the lightest M car I could get. Yes it is too heavy and if you read my previous post, I was for a 4 cylinder to make it truly light. I'm a fan of the BRZ and FRS because they are light by today's standards. I wanted an M car and this was the lightest available today. I ordered it stripped to make it the lightest possible.

The thing that made me worry about loaded cars is from what Dr. Zegler said and some of the //M folk ar Garching that the 1M was an attempt to recapture younger club types and they were watching to see how it went and they were surprised by the success but also surprised about how people wanted more of features/colors etc.

I will yield my space to our fellow members and not hog up the thread.

Thanks for reminder. I already got one from Dack today. : )

By the way despite its shortcomings in weight, etc. I still think the 1M is the coolest M car out there right now for us crotchety dead-horse-beating guys!

: )