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Dr. Nitschke interview ...

From the interview of ///M boss Dr. Nitschke:

Is it safe to assume that will there will be a successor to the popular 1M coupe?
We sold more than 5000 units worldwide and we are thinking for a successor, but we haven't made a decision yet.

This "we haven't made a decission yet" to me somehow contradicts SCOTTS First post in this thread, where he stated:

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post

Following the same renaming, the F22 Coupe M will be called M2
Big success of the 1M made a great case for this M version
Significant weight saving
4-cylinder turbo engine
More development and production time (compared to 1M) makes BMW reconsider ideas forgone for the 1M.

Since it is given that the baby 1er M Coupe should really have followed through and be called M1 in relation to the rest of the M cars.
The inclusion of M2 allows the M Division to bypass that dilemma and offer a straight choice of M2. Following on from the exceptional response to the new 1er M Coupe. The new car allows more money and time and the ability to progress. Although the 1er M Coupe showcases what is possible in a tight time frame , BMW will work to emulate the current car by making sure that weight loss is significant a benefactor because it looks to it's forebears with the inclusion of a high performance four cylinder turbo charged engine.

The problem with the current car is it's short window in regards to further progress, there are ideas but not the money nor the time to do so.
This is something that will be rectified with the next generation as the regards to bring a successor "That will push the envelope" for small performance cars.
So I am currently abandoning all hopes for seeing a M2 before 2015 (and this would be too late for me )