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Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance View Post
Thats just Audi being behind the curve. Their base engine still is no match for BMW's base engine (207hp 2.0 turbo versus 240hp 2.0 turbo) but then again the VW Group has always traditionally lagged in engine development.
I don't agree that Audi is behind BMW (or anyone else) from a technological perspective. If you look across their engine lineup, they have something that will go up against pretty much every BMW engine.

The fact that they choose not to offer all of these engines in all products or markets where they could is based upon their marketing approach and not lack of technical know how. I am sure they would offer the higher output 2.0 TFSI engines in a greater number of their products if they determined that the market was there and it would increases profits. I will say that I would agree with those who wish they would do just that.