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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I think the reason that BMW isn't bringing the F20 and F21 to North America is precisely because it would do well. So well, in fact, that it would probably significantly cannibalize sales of the bread-and-butter 3-series.

It's perhaps a bit ironic that BMW now feels the need to bring an F26 (2-series Gran Coupe) to market in order to appeal to people who think the F30 is too large of a platform for their needs and aren't buying into a BMW this generation. I wonder if these people would have purchased an F20 or F21 if it was available. Speaking for myself, that answer would be yes.

Still, good news about the F26...
But in Canada we had the X1 for like 15 months before it was available in the US. We also have the 320i (F30) and we had the 323i for the E90. Neither the 323i nor the new 320i are available with xdrive, so they're relatively low volume sales units. You really dont see that many of them aside from as loaners. Basically what i'm getting at is that the F20/F21 probably wouldn't take too much away from the F30 if they got rid of the 320i.