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Post BMW 1 / 2 Series Sedan Rumormill Churns

BMW 1 / 2 Series Sedan Rumormill Churns
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UPDATE July 17, 2012: Automotive News has also published a report supporting the claim that BMW plans to launch a 1 Series [2 Series] sedan. They claim that BMW will bring the RWD small sedan in 2015 to rival the future Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA sedans, both expected as early as next year.

According to them, company sources say the growing dimensions of the 3-series sedan led to the decision to build this sedan.

Original Report - May 24, 2012:

We previously reported on a possible four-door 2 series sedan / gran coupe. Autocar has now joined the rumormill on such a potential 4 door model.

The report claims that BMW has plans for or is discussing a RWD sedan based off the current 1 Series (F20) platform that will target the US and China markets in particular. Autocar calls it a 1 Series, but in all likelihood it would be called a 2 Series if it comes in Gran Coupe form. If you remember, only the hatchbacks and upcoming FWD models are likely to retain their 1 series badging [see likely future 1/2 series model map].

As the 3 Series has grown over the years, BMW may need such a model to take on the likes of the upcoming Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes CLA sedan. Since its introduction in 1975, the 3 Series has expanded by 10.5in (269mm) in length, 8.2in (210mm) in width, and 1.9in (49mm) in height. The 3 Series is still king in its segment and remains BMW's top selling model by far, but the company may not want to concede a potentially successful new small sedan segment to Audi and Mercedes.

Which form a 2 Series four-door actually takes is guesswork at this point. Autocar speculates that it will be a traditional sedan while Scott26 claims that it will not be a traditional sedan, so as to protect the 3 Series sales. Instead, he has claimed that a 2 Series Gran Coupe Compact is currently in the early stages of discussion. Like the rumored sedan, it would have four doors, but feature a lower and sleeker coupe-like roofline (in the vein of the 6 Series Gran Coupe).

As for timing, if such a model came to fruition, it would still be years off. We still have yet to even spied the 2-Series coupe (F22) or convertible (F23) models in testing.

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Name:  2-series-sedan-render.jpg
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