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There's a whole continent across the pond with a similar 1st world society that doesn't have these problems (at least not on the level that the USA has) and have a different attitude against gun posession and especially gun carriage.
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No, but they have some serious problems with truck attacks, knife attacks, and acid attacks. They also have some pretty serious governmental restrictions on free speech, and that's only getting worse.

In the link, the top 113 causes of death for 2017 in the US are listed. Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms is listed as 107. In other words, there are 106 other ways to die that are ahead of homicide by firearm, some of them far, far so. This 107th position includes all homicides by firearm, the vast majority of which are crimes other than mass shootings.

While any death is tragic, there are plenty of other things to concentrate on if we wish to reduce death int he United States. Additionally, reducing access to firearms has plenty of other consequences, including an increase in other means of homicide (as evidenced by the UK, with their knife and acid attacks), and also happens to be in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. Said Amendment is meant to be a limit on the powers of the government, and a check on the powers of an increasingly dictatorial government. I'm happy with the 2nd Amendment, and firmly believe that restricting it will result in much more serious consequences than the (possible) benefit might be worth.

And as the NRA line goes, I vote. I don't particularly like the NRA, but I will continue to vote, and hopefully convince others to vote, for politicians who at the minimum pay lip service to the 2nd Amendment, and will never vote for a politician who vows to ban firearms, as the entire current crop of democrat candidates does.
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