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The biggest thing to take from this video witch a lot of people on the forums should take to them self is from 15 min and onward a bit in to the video.
Explaining what M is all about and such. To take what is available at that time and make the best out of it, and drop the talk that is so prevalent on the forums "BMW/M ain't what it used to be"
All of these cars are great at what they do and represents their ERA at their own way. The rest is nothing but personal taste.

For me personally as great as the old M cars were the new ones are so much more with both comfort and performance in mind.
So for me my favorite M so far is the 1M it ain't represented here but that was a great car and is still to this day but times moves on and so should car development also do.
Now i can't wait until we get to see the first M hybrids out there imagine a car the size of the M2 with four doors or 5 if you count the trunk. But with an electric engine helping the main engine to perform for a decent buck. While at the same time being able to pull of regular day to day stuff when wanting to chill drive but in electric mode.

Great video great cars all of them
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