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Originally Posted by wolz View Post
hmm.. regarding proper differential. I don't know if it was just a dream or if someone told me or where I get this from but didn't bmw give you the possibility to tick LSD as on extra option when ordering a car back in the days, like 20 years ago? at least on some cars/engines?

wether they did or did not provide that option, I think they should do that. Gotta be a market for it? I mean every enthusiast driver out there would tick that option and having it installed in the build-process should mean the extra cost could be reasonable.
A limited slip differential was an option on all BMWs up until around 1996, when the option was replaced with traction control systems. After that, only special models like M-cars have had LSD. All the X-drive models have it too.

Quaife can deliver a limited slip differential for our cars.