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Many questions...

1 Million units is what luxury car sales are expected to grow to by 2015 propelled by new and emerging markets and established tentpole markets."

Can anyone translate this for me? Doesn't BMW already sell over 1M units worldwide, and has been since 2004? What exactly is the definition of "luxury car" here?
I am mentioning specifically the high end premium segment which involves the 7er and Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom. Spearheaded by sales in new and emerging markets for luxury cars, The whole luxury segment is expected to grow to 1 million units by 2015. The BMW 7er cannot sustain itself in this market as projections show that luxury sedans are experiencing a decline in favour of super-luxury high-end SUV's.
The reason why you have seen Concepts from Lamborghini and Bentley lately because The SUV is the future of the luxury car. SUV sales are rising whilst standard luxury sedans like the 7er are declining. In many markets although due for replacement in around eighteen months - The X5 is still driving sales for BMW as is the BMW X6.

SCOTT, the Ghost is built off the 7erLi platform? what will the ghost coupe be built off?
The "Ghost" Coupe and DropHead Coupe is built on a shortened version of the current architecture found underneath the 5er , 5er Touring , 5er GT , 6er , Gran Coupe , 7er and Ghost.

The RFK was BMW's answer to the Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse until the majority of it was then transformed into the 5er GT. The interior for example of the GT was primarily for the luxury MPV. The actual RFK was the car that was seen in the scoop photographs until BMW pushed forward the car as the 5er GT.
Strangely enough the Mercedes-Benz R-Klasse has a significant sales base in China similar to the 5er GT.
The interior of the RFK in all its seven seater highluxury glory is carried over for the X7 only. The length of the X7 dictates a more Touring esque shape than a utilarian concept.

LOL. BMW is the most highly penalized manufacturer in history for not meeting CAFE regulations.
It is actually Mercedes-Benz. The larger more premium AMG cars and SUVs aswell as the SLS AMG brings penalties to nearer 1 million dollars for Mercedes-Benz. BMW's are not as high as that. Porsche though, are even higher.

The X7 will not be a "Volume car" just as the 7er is not a "Volume car" if you want to talk about volume within BMW then the 1er , 3er and 5er best describe volume.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...
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