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Angry "Drivetrain malfunction"

Hi all,

As someone already knows I own a '13 M135i. Since almost day 1, I had the feeling that the 8 speed gearbox is not working properly (sometimes not selecting the correct gear, sometimes changing up a gear when starting to accelerate (highway incorporation, for example), sometimes jerky gear changes). Approximately six months ago, "Drivetrain Malfunction" message appeared on the screen. Dealer told me it was a suspension sensor (I have the adaptative one) but did nothing as it seemed to be a sporadic error. Two months ago I was accelerating nearly full-throttle when the car entered in limp mode and vibrated a lot, no error message. Dealer said it was a knock sensor reading. They changed a spark plug and told me to test it. Last week the car showed again the "Drivetrain Malfunction" message on the screen. No reduced power. I switched off the car and it was gone. Two days after (three days ago) the same message appeared again. Did the same. Yesterday again, but this time, I continued the travel with the message and it seemed that the car was not on limp mode, but the suspension was extremely hard. Very uncomfortable. As I read on some forums, this message can be due to anything. Next week I will take the car to the dealer to try to get it fixed (if they finally manage to know what happens with it) as this week they are very busy (luckily for them I suppose). I am starting to get a little bit upset with the car. I really love it, but as gearbox makes some strange things and it is starting to show these annoying message too frequently, I am getting a little manic.

Moreover, the padded bottom of the driver's window is dented of supporting arm. I had my last car for nearly 7 years and it didn't happen. Furthermore, the handbrake lever is already peeling.

Car is one year and four months old and almost 30.000km only. I think none of these problems is normal. I am very disappointed about that. It could have been the car of my life...