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Originally Posted by hwelvaar View Post
Expect it to get worse over the next 20 to 30 years.
You don't even have to look that long ahead in time. I do believe that the EU has a goal for 2020 that the average new car will have a CO2 emission of 95 g/km. I don't know how they expect to reach this goal. Increase the price of cars based on CO2-emissions?

We have that in Norway. When we buy a new car over here we pay a one time tax based on - among other things - the amount of CO2 it emits per km.

For every gram over 110g we pay 85
For every gram over 165g we pay 200
For every gram over 235g we pay 320
(that would be appr. 8500 for the manual M135i)

There is also a rebate for every gram under 110g, yet still we're a long long way from the 95g average. I doubt the technology will improve that much over the next seven years, so maybe the EU will force us all to buy shitboxes in the future. Even more likely is that they will force the manufacturers to make shitty cars.

So yeah, the future is looking grim for petrol heads. Enjoy it while you can...