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hufc2002 I agree with most on here, its not worth the cost differential to swap for what seems to be two near identical cars: also - your car looks fantastic in the estoril! After a tough decision between that colour and the Valencia i went for the more unsual - both are stunning in the m-sport styling tho!

At the time of ordering mine, i test drove a 116i in estoril blue in m-sport from whats probably your nearest dealership (stockton?). I was impressed with what the engine could do, but afterwards i got back into what at the time was a 2.0TDi CR VW Golf GT Mk 6 and felt that the golf felt alot nicer to drive: yet i am a big fan of the low end torque that diesel provides so maybe im biased.

I enjoyed the engine note in the petrol, but inorder to get it to feel fast the rev needle never left the upper area of the rev range and obviously the fuel consumption went the other way. The dealership threw the keys at me and let me have the car for an hour, so i gave it a good test on mixed routes: you could ask if they still have it? I then sourced a 120d over in durham for a test drive and it hands down beats that of the 116i IMO and felt alot more refined than my 140ps diesel engine in the golf (which was also a fantastic engine). Im sure the 118d wont be far from this in comparison - yet i have no experience with it.

What id say is - ask the stockton dealership if they have one for you to test drive to put your mind at ease. Also, I'll keep an eye out for you on the roads as im down that way regularly, theres not many m-sports around! Similarly, If you see one in Valencia Orange flying over the A19 tees flyover - theres a high chance that'll be me!