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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Don't hold your breath. Even M engines that are based on regular series counterparts (which in the past was most of them, actually) were reworked substantially to safely produce that much power before being put into an M car. It's not just a matter of adjusting boost and a few maps.
that was true in past, but is not any more.
There has been no rework on the N54 engine going into the 1series M coupe.
In fact there was really only a map adjustment and more boost.(i dont count an upgraded FMIC as an engine upgrade) A little more work has gone to the new m5, but also there its not as much as it was in past lets say for the e46 M3.
Increased diplacement, other pistons, different ignition system, higher redline, different fuel preparaton system... finally only the base block is shared somehow.