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Originally Posted by Mast0rMason View Post
So my first BMW is also my first automatic and first rwd. My problem is stopping, coming to a stop you can still really feel the kinnect energy jolting you forwards as you stop. I tried easing off the brake as I come to a stop but I almost rear ended someone. Any tips on this..?
See the manual, page 98 (ABS, Brake assist). Never ease off the brake (even if it's vibrating) unless you need to reduce deceleration: ABS will do it better! Don't forget to get off the accelerator if you are using "advanced" driving techniques, though.

Originally Posted by Mast0rMason View Post
My problem with the window is it isn't automatic going back up and stops half way. I've tried holding down the button once it's down for 10-30 seconds and holding it up when it's back up for 10-30 seconds but it still didnt fix it. On the service history it's had a new window motor, does it need to be coded like everything else in a BMW?
Perhaps. You can try an extended initialization procedure for an older model though.
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