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Originally Posted by f20enSeoul View Post
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I feel like it may have been discussed before but I was unable to find it on the search.

I was changing out my reverse lights on my F20 2014 118D Sport.
After I was done changing out the reverse PW21W bulb to an OSRAM LED bulb, I noticed that one of my tail lights was much dimmer than the other. Upon closer look, few of the LED's that light up the housing went out.

I read that it was not possible to replace these led's and that replacing the whole light housing was the only way.

My question is, do you think it might have been the reverse LED bulb that I put in that might have shorted the other LED's? Or do you think it was always like this, and I just never noticed until I replaced the reverse lights.

I am thinking of buying a new tail light housing for the side that went out.
Below are some pictures and your help would be much appreciated.

1. driver side (left)
2. passenger side (right) - the side that went out
3. notice the passenger side (right) is dimmer
4. the reverse light bulb I am using
No this happens after time and only fix is new light cluster. 2nd hand one on mine from donor car still working a charm. 2013 M135i here - donor car was 2015 model so should give it some extra life before it required again. Fingers crossed the other side is fine for a while!

Ps - strange that all the ones I've seen thats gone is the RHD…
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