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Originally Posted by Nahlem View Post
The biggest problem with any wireless connection is it ain't stable as wired connection, for me using Bluetooth/car play vs using the USB port, there is a significant drop to audio quality when listening to music from sources like spotify or google music.

Could be my imagination or not but i have tested this out in the garage with as little background noises as possible and tried both and the audio from USB wired connection vs the Car play/Bluetooth and imo there is an enormous in difference, now this could be fixed with the newest Bluetooth coding that is coming soon but i doubt we will see that in BMW cars anytime soon, so for me the USB sound > Bluetooth Sound any day of the week for now until the new Bluetooth codecs come but i don't think we will see that in any BMW car until 2025 or so.
Good point, factually, the quality of wireless Bluetooth audio steaming VS a wired connection is a drastic difference in audio quality.

CD quality is even superior over a wired connection.

What new "newest Bluetooth coding" are you referring to BTW?