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Mother of god... what is going on? I don't know what to say...I hope this preview/render(?) is not accurate Ford S-max indeed. The hate-storm on the f20 was pretty massive... can't believe what reactions this will create then.

I'm confused.

Chevrolet comes to my mind... when they were on the edge of collaps, suddenly small chevrolet cars started to pop up in the euromarket. It was actually Daewoo-cars with a chevrolet badge on them. In a heart-beat decades of building a decent brand image/status was ruined. Quite drastic but if the option was to go that route or have the company go under/collapse I guess it had to be done.

Now bmw does the same thing? killing any feeling of "top of the line" premium associations to the brand etc. Not that it's a daewoo under there but it shouts low-budget. If they are on the edge of collaps I would not blame them. Do whatever is neccesary to save the brand. BUT, I don't think bmw is in that bad state? I don't know how the economy looks for bmw but seeing the news on the bimmer-post mainpage about sales record all the time makes me believe things are going fine and drastic measures like releaseing a s-max looker or a daewoo with a bmw badge should not be necesarry?!

oh well, guess the profit is never enough... gotta be even bigger, at any price obviously. This is crazy, yet funny