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Originally Posted by thebmw View Post
Again, thanks for proving all my points. I now feel quite reassured about Android. Interesting fact, every racist I have encountered owns an iPhone. They all seem to harbor hate, bully people, and have huge biases filled with false assumptions. This doesn't mean that every iPhone user is like this though.
AGAIN, I guess you still don't understand. You said, Apple is intentionally failing iPhone batteries. I gave you the whole explanation about that. So do you have a counter argument? Or were you just making up stuff based on a few click bait headlines that you saw?
Or your argument is that iPhone people are racist nazis? What does it have to do with anything?

All my points have already been proven:

This is the iPhone battery throttling thing you LIED ABOUT.

And this is about education and financials of iPhone vs Android globally. from Forbes.
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