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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
Typical.. And sad as I would expect someone with multiple phds to be open to learning new things, get informed in areas they're clueless about. Also, is your phd in computer science? My masters degree is. But I don't deny learning anything new. Oh, also I wish iPhone had a serious competition, so I'm actually routing for competitors. But since last Pixel 4 - which is my 2nd phone-, I've lost hope.

Seriously, if you're mocking me about the explanation of the iPhone battery story, do you have the correct version? I'm listening.

You said: "Funny you speak of batteries, because it is pretty well covered how Apple purposefully programed their batteries to FAIL."

I said:
"Apple didn’t program their batteries to fail intentionally. If your battery has lost its capacity to hold power, it can’t supply the voltage when the CPU load peaks. So, if you have a degraded battery, whenever the CPU asks for peak power, the phone will shut down. It’s a problem for Apple because iPhones are being used for 5+ years unlike any Android phone Apple came up with a resolution. (This is not a problem for Android, because Android phones lose support in 2 years at most (if you’re lucky) and they will also fall apart because of poor material and build quality in most cases. That’s why you see a bunch of iPhone 6 phones around from 5 years ago, but all galaxy s5s are I’m landfills)"

You're a true academician, as your arguments are undisputable and well rounded, and well sourced (!)
I guess your phd is in trolling.
Again, thanks for proving all my points. I now feel quite reassured about Android. Interesting fact, every racist I have encountered owns an iPhone. They all seem to harbor hate, bully people, and have huge biases filled with false assumptions. This doesn't mean that every iPhone user is like this though.

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