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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
Youíre proving my point about Apple haters being uninformed. Itís very frustrating that people who know nothing about a subject have so strong opinions...

Itís never late to learn:
Apple didnít program their batteries to fail intentionally. If your battery has lost its capacity to hold power, it canít supply the voltage when the CPU load peaks. So, if you have a degraded battery, whenever the CPU asks for peak power, the phone will shut down. Itís a problem for Apple because iPhones are being used for 5+ years unlike any Android phone Apple came up with a resolution. (This is not a problem for Android, because Android phones lose support in 2 years at most (if youíre lucky) and they will also fall apart because of poor material and build quality in most cases. Thatís why you see a bunch of iPhone 6 phones around from 5 years ago, but all galaxy s5s are Iím landfills)

As a solution, Apple underclocks the CPU so that the phone keeps working when the battery capacity falls below a certain level. Thatís it. And you can go to an Apple store and replace the battery for $29, and the performance would restore to its original state. The same thing happens with all the Android phones, but who the hell uses and Android for that long? And is there any Android phone that receives software updates that long? Answers: No one, and no. Do you understand or should I explain in a lower level?

This is the situation for most Apple haters. Theyíre just reading headlines, thus severely uninformed, and they donít know what makes a device good.(Hint: not the number of features.)
Thanks for letting me know that my Android devices don't update (even though they do). Thanks for dumbing things down to someone who probably has numerous more doctorate degrees than you. Thanks for spreading more propaganda about your Nazi phone. What would we stupid free-thinking people do without your non-biased opinions? You are an asset to this community. Thanks again.