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Originally Posted by Cortexiphan View Post
Actually it’s more about education, style, taste, etc.
Tasteless and uneducated or financially restricted people are most likely to buy Android devices which are ugly, unsecure, sluggish, unsophisticated except maybe a few models like Pixel 4.
I can tell you that we’re developing mobile apps. You can submit the same quality of app in Google Play store and App Store, Apple will come back to you with a long list of bugs and feedback about your app and ask you to fix them before it’s published, meanwhile your Android app would be in play store the following day, with all the bugs included. And later, we wouldn’t get much complains from Android users as they’re not quality, stability seeking as iOS users. They’re used to low grade software... That’s actually why we hear about iPhone “problems” because nobody cares about others phones. For months, if you had a protective film on the screen of your Galaxy note 10, anyone could unlock your phone using the onscreen fingerprint sensor. If this happened in iPhone, it would be headline on New York Times, and clueless haters would repeat that a dozen times under this topic. But Samsung did it, that’s ok. Nobody expects perfection from them.

There are a lot of Apple haters, but in reality IPhone is indisputably the best smartphone, based on objective criterias. It has the highest customer satisfaction in smartphone industry, but also you can include the entire consumer electronics industry, IPhone is still at the top in customer satisfaction. Also the most reliable, secure, stable device, with the best build quality and with lowest error margins set in production by a mile, and being updated multiple times every year for at least 4 years after you bought it. Latest models have also the best camera quality, best battery life, way waayyy faster processors than its “competitors” which actually are not really ‘“competitors””.
Thank you for completely verifying my point about elitism. BTW, your "facts" are actually not supported by data. Virtually all the actual innovations in camera, glass, edge, swipe, etc technology was on Android based platforms. Funny you speak of batteries, because it is pretty well covered how Apple purposefully programed their batteries to FAIL. Nice company you are loyal to! They screw you and you still worship them! Objectivity and humbleness are important virtues in life. Apple Zombies seem to lack these essential traits.