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Originally Posted by Nahlem View Post
The biggest problem with any wireless connection is it ain't stable as wired connection, for me using Bluetooth/car play vs using the USB port, there is a significant drop to audio quality when listening to music from sources like spotify or google music.

Could be my imagination or not but i have tested this out in the garage with as little background noises as possible and tried both and the audio from USB wired connection vs the Car play/Bluetooth and imo there is an enormous in difference, now this could be fixed with the newest Bluetooth coding that is coming soon but i doubt we will see that in BMW cars anytime soon, so for me the USB sound > Bluetooth Sound any day of the week for now until the new Bluetooth codecs come but i don't think we will see that in any BMW car until 2025 or so.
Not your imagination whatsoever as USB offers greater bandwidth than Bluetooth. I have an SSD hooked up in the console USBC Port of my 2020 M850i coupe to enjoy the B&W audio system in it. For grins I have subscribed to the Amazon Music Plus HD 3-month trial (normally I'm just a plus subscriber to listen to music in the office at work). Using the same USBC Port the quality is pretty decent but obviously not as good as the FLAC HiRez files on the SSD.

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