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Originally Posted by Conissah View Post
I don't have an iPhone because :

A) I don't support Apple and other companies whose solution to their workers suicides is a net around the building.

B) I like easily developing apps (mostly for my own sake) and Android Studio works on all my machines, and is done in Java.

C) I don't care to have the newest 1000% markup iPhone. How do you think I afford an M2? I don't spend a thousand dollars every year and the same phone they released last year.

D) I refuse to be a sheep.

E) My brand new Pixel 3a is dirt cheap, works on Google Fi (which is also cheap), and has a fantastic camera and phone screening.

The only reason people buy iPhones is because they don't want to seem poor OR all their friends have it and they buy into the hive mentality, aka sheep. Could you IMAGINE walking into work without an iPhone in hand! Great Scott, the looks you would get from your hoity-toity coworkers would surely make you die of shame!
Very true. You call it being a sheep, I call it being a Nazis. Apple propaganda is unbelievably powerful and mesmerizing. It's mind-boggling that half the world's population is under their zombie spell not realizing the s*** that they bought.

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