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I've had the new speakers installed for a little less than a month now and they are definetly better than the stock ones.
The only problem I've had is that on a couple of songs there's a small click/ clip sound that i hear a few a times during the song. I found out that it's only present if I'm playing music over bluetooth. I can even hear it on the rear speakers if I focus really well. Apparently the Entry HU still has bluetooth 2.1 which kinda sucks for music.
I ended up coding the HU according to the post above (HIFI, internal amp, variant 2), I also lowered the treble in the sound settings and I feel that the speakers sound much better now. It defintely solved the click sound problem. If I'm looking for it I can still hear it but if I'm just listening normally then the speakers sound absolutely fine and much better than before.
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