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Originally Posted by Humdizzle View Post
^ im guessing his commute is 30 miles to work and 30 miles back? so double your cost estimates.

it doesn't make sense to keep the 340i around if its not your daily, its not that special of a car where low miles are gonna keep its value up or make it sought after. if you're not romping on it you can put 89 octane in their most of the week and 91 once a week or something to trim costs. the ecu will adjust.

have you considered a diesel BMW ? not sure what offering are there in south africa. UK gets the 330d option with 480 lb-ft of torque. The old e90 335d we used to get here in the US could get like 36mpg+ on the highway. diesel is more expensive though. but it should save you money overall if you're mostly on the highway.
Thanks Humdizzle. I'd want to keep my 340i around for as long as I can, mainly because I won't find another one at the price I bought mine at 3 years ago. I paid $24000 USD out the door for mine, or about 18000 GBP out the door. To date, this 340i is the cheapest CPO in the country, and I love bargains.

As for the local offerings, we get mostly the same things you guys get in the UK, except for the F30 335d, 430d and 435d. I have considered the diesel option, mainly in the form of a F15 X5 30d, or maybe a M50d if I can find one with the options I want fitted. In fact, I am heavily considering just pulling the trigger on a diesel X5 and see what happens . 330ds sell like hot-cakes over here, with most normally being sold within a day to a week of listing.

You're right. Diesel is way more expensive than petrol. But I guess I have to weigh the pros and cons of getting a hybrid vs a diesel. Oh well, watch this space...
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