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Exclamation Multiple Cylinder Misfire - Compression Normal?

Hi guys, I have a 2013 116i with the N13 engine which has 43k on it.

I started the car up the other week and immediately could tell it was misfiring. Took it to BMW and they diagnosed a failed fuel injector on cylinder number 4. I had it replaced by an independent garage since BMW were asking 630!

After the replacement it was running very smoothly but down on power. After 60 miles of driving I noticed a vacuum line had been left disconnected which wasn't allowing the turbo to spool up and hence the power loss. I reconnected the vacuum line and power was back to normal for about 5 minutes until the car started run rough and began misfiring again. I took it back to the indy garage who ran a compression test on it, the results were as follows:

Cylinder 1: 210 psi
Cylinder 2: 170 psi
Cylinder 3: 210 psi
Cylinder 4: 170 psi

They cleared the codes and after about 20 minutes driving the problem re-appeared. The codes were as follows:

1) Several cylinders misfire, fuel injection turned off
2) Several cylinders misfire
3) Cylinder 4 misfire, fuel injection turned off
4) Cylinder 4 misfire, detected

They pulled spark plugs and they were fouled even though they were brand new. They think there is oil getting into cylinder 4 and causing the misfire, said to me that engine needs rebuilding. Would this even happen with the relatively high compression result? It is interesting to me why cyl 2 and 4 are the same compression. I heard that injectors may need coding to work properly with ECU, is this true?

Any help much appreciated, thank you.
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