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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Just to be clear, what you've said about xDrive not having EPS doesn't hold true for the F30 (and likely F20) which will be the first xDrive models that have EPS. Personally, I doubt BMW will switch to a hydraulic rack just for the M Performance models as sales are likely too low to justify the expenses. And yes, the next M3 might have EPS too.

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South are there currently any xDrive vehicles with EPS? No. Has M said they do not like the current EPS? Yes. Did they launch the M Performance line with EPS? No. Are you certain the F20 and F30 with xDrive will have EPS? The EPS rack is already being changed out from the original SOP version in F30. Where did you hear the xDrive is going EPS? And please don't say the US brand manager.
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