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I am definitely going to wait to test drive the Merc before I sign over to to the M-Lite. With CAR Magazine sometimes awarding road test victories for stupid reasons I figured the AMG victory in this months issue might of been a bit of a fluke. But after watching AutoCars little test there its certainly worth seeing what the fuss is all about first. Just means I'm waiting even longer than I planned. Tricky bit is going to be locating a dealer with one available to test drive.

I think BMW shot themselves in the foot with not having put a LSD in the M135i, it means in a test like this one it allowed the GTI to claw back some brownie points. Also it really allowed the AMG to make a mockery of the BMW, which may I add it absolutely did. I still remain confident the 6 cylinder would flaw the 4 pot in a long drag after 70-80mph, a bit like in the Chris Harris RS3 vs M135i video. But real life isnt about 1/4 and 1/2 mile drag races.

I'm still a bit reserved about that fake carbon dash and some of the inside bits on the AMG but where it matters on the road I have to say, all credit to Merc and AMG for this one.