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Originally Posted by WeekendDriver
I think I read somewhere with a BMW official saying the sound is 90% real and that 10% is to make up for the turbo. Now it definitely sounds like more than 10% is fake. Also why don't they install an induction pipe or something to transmit the sound from the engine compartment instead of generating it digitally?
The induction pipe is actuallywhat I was talking about. I don't know why they didn't do that. Space is one possibility I can think of, but its not like the z4 3.0 had oodles of engine bay room either. The most likely reason is cost. Its a lot lot cheaper to program than it is to produce and install a physical part.

One thing I noticed vs the M5 on vs off video is that in addition to making it louder than the M5 it also changes the sound, whereas the M5 does not seem to do this.

Personally I say they should remove some of the sound proofing. Then you eliminate the problem.