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Originally Posted by hsb View Post

Can anyone translate the french?
"Welcome to Munich to the test drive of the new bmw in the 3 door version.
Here you have the newest model in sportive version, the M135i, with double exhaust, 18" wheels, Michelin pilot sport tires, blue specific brakes and a new modified front which allows better breathing for the 6 cilinder engine.
Lets find out how it manages with the sport mode....Uahuahauuuuuu
Nice it works good! 140 already!
Breakes, chassis and front axle have been modified, also the gearbox.
You have also the option of using de wheel pads for better controlling.
For me it's nicer than the older 1M, even if this is not the real M. It really has lots of power even though. Confort isn't that bad, and direction is really well calculated, it has a good feeling.
Direction autobahn, to check how it manages with no speed limits."

It isn't the best translation, but this is what he says
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