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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Originally Posted by 10" View Post
It's not E46 based. Just the engine...everything else is different and it's a much rawer driving experience.

The Z4M is a much more enjoyable driving experience compared to the E46 M3, IMO.
I mean...
the engine is the same (albeit the z4 got less power from it)
the chassis was e46 based
the body electronics are the same
the trans is from the e46 330i (and weaker, but the M3 trans didn't fit)
the diff is from the e46 M3
the brakes are the same as the e46 M3 ZCP/CSL/club sport
the seats are the same as e46 M3 seats other than the back rests

... and I don't think it's rawer than the lighter, fixed back seats seats, CF airboxed, higher specific output, available without AC or stereo, CSL that's being discussed in this thread
I've driven both...much prefer the Z4M.

Almost 10 inch difference In wheelbase. The Z4M is a riot. Never cared that much for the E46 M3's good but not for me.
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