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Originally Posted by ovekvam View Post
I am not so sure the B38 is lighter. It only has 3 holes in it! :-)

Our 116i was 1290 kg, and our LCI 118i is 1305 kg, according to the registration papers. Must be the big brakes! :-)
It is also longer. 433 vs 432 cm.
This is what I was just checking : pre-LCI 118i (N13) "short engine" is 80 kg, LCI 118d "short engine" is 99.6 kg and LCI 118i (B38) "short engine" is 82.2 kg (excuse my negligence of not checking when you declared buying yours ).

So it looks all right heavier front end (engine) requires higher pressure (just like a heavily loaded read end) and so do lower profile (bigger rim) tyres (they allow less deflection, obviously).