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ONE and TWO Series SUMMARY: -- BMW 1-series, 2-series, M2, and Z2

ONE And TWO. The new Premium Compact Class.

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In order to make room for the new family of Front wheel Drive BMW's.
BMW are now locked in to seperate it's core compact premium family.

BMW 1-series FWD Family

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  • Variants:
    - City Compact
    - F.A.S.T. Family Activity Sports Tourer
    - Gran Turismo
    - Z2
  • Architecture/platform shared with next MINI (F56)
  • FWD, optional AWD for F.A.S.T.
  • Z2 Roadster as entry level choice for a compact and sporty roadster, FWD.
Sharing architecture with the next MINI , The BMW entry models retain the 1er designation but will be identified by unique badging.
BMW's first foray into the highly contested Premium City segment will comprise of unique concepts with a sporty edge.

The wheels may be front driven or in the case of the FAST optional xDrive.

But the mission statement remains the same to offer a unique sporting impression even though the rules have been changed.

The Z2 now becomes part of the FWD architecture and will comprise of a single model Roadster, The car is extremely compact and will offer a entry choice for a sporty BMW.

BMW 1-series sDrive RWD
  • Variants:
    - F20 Sporthatch 5dr
    - F21 Sporthatch 3dr
  • Debut imminent
  • Longer wheelbase to accomodate more rear room
  • Innovative features and options usually found in high end cars only
  • Next generation of Efficient Dynamics
The imminent new Sporthatch continues it's success story in a much more rounded successor. Especially focusing on the increase of the wheelbase for rear passenger accomodation. Launched with a signifcant number of features for a new BMW. The new 1er justifies it's cause in regards to it's importance to the coming growth of the Premium Compact Segment.

Allowing luxury options normally found in high end Premium luxury cars available in the compact class.

The new 1er Sporthatch also heralds the introduction of next generation "Efficient Dynamics" technologies in order for the 1er to remain the principle choice as the most fuel efficient car in it's segment.

BMW 2-series

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  • Variants:
    - F22 Coupe
    - F23 Cabrio
  • To be renamed to 2-series
  • RWD
  • Progressive design, yet somewhat a hommage to the BMW 2002 models
  • F23 Cabrio to retain a soft top
  • Launch in 2013
In order to seperate the Performance and sportier body shape of the Coupe and Cabrio BMW will rename the cars as the 2er. Bypassing the need for overcrowding with the new Sporthatch / FWD Family.

The 2er showcases some new design movement with further progressive sporting interpretation of the hatch ,to some the new car looks more 2002 like than before. The Cabrio model will continue offering a soft-top roof and clean design lines without compromising looks and performance.

Both will be launched in 2013 respectively.

  • Following the same renaming, the F22 Coupe M will be called M2
  • Big success of the 1M made a great case for this M version
  • Significant weight saving
  • 4-cylinder turbo engine
  • More development and production time (compared to 1M) makes BMW reconsider ideas forgone for the 1M.

Since it is given that the baby 1er M Coupe should really have followed through and be called M1 in relation to the rest of the M cars.
The inclusion of M2 allows the M Division to bypass that dilemma and offer a straight choice of M2. Following on from the exceptional response to the new 1er M Coupe. The new car allows more money and time and the ability to progress. Although the 1er M Coupe showcases what is possible in a tight time frame , BMW will work to emulate the current car by making sure that weight loss is significant a benefactor because it looks to it's forebears with the inclusion of a high performance four cylinder turbo charged engine.

The problem with the current car is it's short window in regards to further progress, there are ideas but not the money nor the time to do so.
This is something that will be rectified with the next generation as the regards to bring a successor "That will push the envelope" for small performance cars.

BMW M-One - Compact Programme
  • Project still at a very early stage
  • Z2 was switched from RWD to FWD last minute, so the ideas for the original car will be used by BMW M
  • Following the approach of BMW i, BMW M might offer unique models
  • BMW i and BMW M sharing technology would allow to build small cars to take on Porsche Boxster and Cayman
  • Based on F20/F30 platform, yet an exclusive M model
Although in no way moving forward but currently in the realm of ideas.
with the Z2 now joining the FWD family , The original proposed Z2 which went to the final stages before the car was switched to the FWD programme.
Is effectively reborn in this project.

With the sub-brand BMWi arriving with individual products with their own design and technology to give the i3 and i8 complete individualism .
Plans are in motion to allow BMW M as the other BMW sub-brand to offer it's own take of Individualism. With BMWi and BMW M to be the first to share material technology this compact Coupe and Roadster are seen as potential M models to take on the successful and revered Porsche Cayman and Boxster.
Individual design , and exclusively M if given the go-ahead the smaller M models based upon the matrix of the F20/F30 could bring new customers to the M brand thanks to the appeal of the M badge, lightweight technology and stunning looks it could become one of the most significant M cars this decade.
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The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...

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