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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
I sincerely would like to hear nothing more than that BMW is going to make a 1er GC, or 1er Sedan.....and that it will be beautiful.

Because if it has the headlights of the new F 1 series... I'm going to...well, I'm going to be pissed and not buy one.

I want a smaller car than my current 3 and a 1er sedan fits the bill perfectly. I beg of BMW AG to use common sense and reignite a bit of BMW passion for all of us who have frowned on the 3 series getting larger and larger.

PS, if it is front wheel drive you've lost not only my purchase but probably half the viewers of this forum, too.
Well I feel EXACTLY the same, except for the coupe.
I want a smaller car than my 335i coupe.
I hate the headlights of the current 1 hatches.
I am ready to leave BMW if the coupe is not cool, and a warmed over 1 hatch.
BMW make the 2 coupe a must have.
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