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Originally Posted by manuelf View Post
Don't be too anxious regarding the M2.
BMW has learned from the success of the 1M. They know there is a big niche for a small, nimble pure fun car.
The decission to go for an I4 is perfectly right in this direction!
The car will have approx. the same power as the outgoing 1M Coupe but with around 150 kg less weight and a much more refined chassis/suspension.

This combination can be awesome if they make no big faults...
Unfortunately there is a big caveat here: engine performance @ high speeds. A high strung 2 liter 4-cyl engine, even with 340 hp, is no performance match for 6-cyl 3 liter rig. And it will hurt the overtaking maneuvers abominally. I just spent a week in 250 hp new Focus ST and believe me, it's such a sad thing to feel the engine limitation soon after 100 kmh.

I'm all for lightness and nimble steering, but not at the cost of every day usability. And do you really believe that the entry-level M cash-cow will be that much lighter with all the options they are bound to include to make a model profitable? This smaller engine will buck under the weight of your 3-zone climate control, LED lighted footwells, cameras every corner, miles and miles of additional electrical cordage.

And then there is a big question of M135 with easily chipped IL6 N55. Why does it even exist when BMW plans for 4-cyl M2? This new M135 can go on par with Porsche Cayman, compensating Cayman's precision with engine power. Will 4-cyl M2 be able to do so? My guess it will be ripped apart.

P.S. My rant is of course triggered by the now badly damaged plan to jump from 135 directly into M2.. But we'll see what we'll see.

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